eLearning Part 2: GMP Essentials – Personnel, Equipment and Data Integrity

GMP Part 2, covering Training of Employees, Equipment, Facility and Production, Raw Data and Data Integrity, and Contamination Control, takes about 110 minutes to complete. Progress at your own pace.

110 minutes
Course fee
€ 250 (excl. VAT)

Short description

GMP Part 2 covers the following topics:

  • Training of Employees
  • Equipment, Facility and Production
  • Raw Data and Data Integrity
  • Contamination Control

The total course will take about 110 minutes to complete, but you can do it at your own pace and in your own time. The course is in English.


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  2. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you a link to the course.
  3. Once you have notified us that you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate.


  • Understanding why high quality training of employees in a pharmaceutical company is essential
  • Gaining insight on how to organize the facility from design to equipment selection
  • Getting familiar with types of data and how to utilise these data
  • Awareness of the importance of data integrity and how data integrity impacts your daily work
  • Learning how to control contamination in a facility

Target group

Who should follow this GMP training?

(New) employees within a (bio)pharmaceutical production or analytical environment with limited GMP experience who would like to learn the basics on GMP.

Experienced GMP professionals who would like to refresh their GMP knowledge (e.g. for annual GMP training).

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