Advanced real-time PCR training course

October 5, 2018

This one-day advanced real-time PCR course focuses on the critical steps of gene expression studies, such as normalisation, validation and statistical analysis. It explains the correct use and practice of relative quantification software, of secondary analysis, and explores methods to optimise the use of instruments and consumables.

The course is intended for all experienced users of real-time PCR who want to obtain more in depth understanding of mRNA, miRNA, ncRNA expression analysis experiments, e.g. scientists, biological and medical technicians. Course participants will receive an insight into the appropriate experimental setup and analysis of gene expression results.

The outline of this interactive course will range from good sample preparation, customer primer and/or assay design, real-time PCR experiment setup and biostatistics up to data analysis with primary and secondary cloud-based software packages.

Course content:

Our trainers use a combination of theoretical discussion, instrument practical sessions and software workshops to cover the following topics:

• Introduction and review of qPCR
• Experimental planning, validation and normalisation
• Biostatistics: A review and short introduction
• qPCR and bioinformatics
• Analysing and reporting qPCR results
• Multiplex qPCR
• Optimisation and troubleshooting

Who should attend?

This course is intended for all experienced users of real-time PCR that are interested in gene expression application and want to gain more insight into all aspects of the gene expression workflow. It is recommended that participants in this training have attended the basic real-time PCR course or have corresponding knowledge of real-time PCR.


Biotech Training Facility
Sylviusweg 70
2333 BE

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