Gilson seminar: Enhance your Manual and Automated Liquid Handling

November 6, 2019

Liquid handling is at the heart of most laboratory practices. From manual pipetting, transferring simple solutions, through to complex extractions and purifications, they all present unique challenges that can affect the reproducibility, accuracy and productivity of experiments. Join the free seminar on 26th of November at Biotech Training Facility to learn key aspects of pipetting in the morning, with the opportunity for an interactive, hands-on session after lunch with the Gilson experts.

What will you learn?

  • Learn expert tips and tricks on the best pipetting practices and how to address the issues that commonly cause pipetting errors. 
  • Understand how to automate a manual process; either by introducing automation to your lab or the things to consider if you already use such systems, and gain confidence with automation that many scientists often lack.
  • Finally, discover the world of Gilson’s Internet of Things (IoT) and how new smart, Bluetooth® pipettes and devices can easily be integrated within your lab to enhance reproducibility and traceability, and change the way you manage your data.

Visit the Gilson website for more information, dates and registration.