IGZ and CBG choose Biotech Training Facility for training purposes

September 11, 2017

Starting October 2017, inspectors of the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (IGZ) and assessors of the Medicines Evaluation Board (CBG) will be trained at Biotech Training Facility in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and biotech related topics. Biotech Training Facility offers them not only the opportunity to update their theoretical knowledge but also to increase their practical experience and deepen their knowledge.

The Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (IGZ) is an independent supervisory authority in Dutch healthcare. IGZ supervises, among other things, the quality and safety of medicines. The inspectorate monitors manufacturers, distributors and importers of medicines and active pharmaceutical substances, and issues GMP certificates. The Medicines Evaluation Board (CBG) is responsible for the evaluation, registration and risk monitoring of medicinal products for human use. CBG plays a decisive role in the admission of new medicines on the Dutch market. Obviously, it is important for both parties to keep current knowledge up-to-date. By opting for Biotech Training Facility they ensure that this need will be fulfilled in the years to come.

Ronald Kompier (Managing Director of Biotech Training Facility): "Training of IGZ and CBG emphasizes the role Biotech Training Facility plays in maintaining and, where possible, raising the level of knowledge and experience of people working in the Life Science sector."