RA2day event – Regulatory impact on development

September 28, 2018

For a smooth development leading to early marketing authorization, a sound regulatory strategy and knowledge of regulatory requirements are key.

Regulatory professionals of Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy will share their know-how and provide updates on the latest information in this afternoon programme.

Early access, finding new ways to register, promising markets and therapeutic areas are a few of the interesting topics addressed. Apart from obtaining current and relevant information, you will be able to meet with colleagues in the field during the event and its social part.

If you want to discover how RA facilitates product development and takes it to the next level, come to RA2day:

Date: Nov 1st 2018

Location: Biotech Training Facility, Sylviusweg 70, Leiden

Start: 13.00h

Networking drinks from 17.00h - 19.00h