Special times call for a special Biotech Training Facility Update!

April 22, 2020

A lot has changed in our daily lives, but what doesn't change is that we are still here for you with our extensive portfolio of courses for starters and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and healthcare.

Training continues

This applies to both our open courses and the customized courses we develop. How do we do it in these challenging times?

Safety measures

Your safety and the safety of our colleagues is our first priority! Biotech Training Facility strictly follows the instructions of the RIVM and the GGD. In the training rooms and in the labs and cleanrooms, which operate under strict GMP requirements in any case, we have taken additional effective measures in order to meet the current requirements.

We also make sure to limit each group of participants to a safe number. This makes it possible to continue giving courses in our training centre without jeopardizing in anyway your and our safety.

Do you want to know more about our extra safety measures? Click here for a complete overview

Time to learn

Due to COVID-19, the daily workload has diminished for a lot of people. This creates more time and opportunity to start learning new things or to further develop existing know-how and (practical) skills. Many employers will therefore consider this a good time to allow/enable their staff to follow a, in some cases long-delayed, training or workshop. Now is also a good opportunity for starters to gain more professional knowledge through a specific course. We would like to invite anyone who want to take advantage of this momentum to contact us, so that we can advise which options are most suitable for your personal situation.

Distance learning 

Biotech Training Facility expands its portfolio for distance learning in the area of GMP and (bio-)pharmaceutical production. Apart from e-learning, we aim to use an interactive approach, in which participants are in direct contact with the experts through a live webinar. Practical demonstrations are given in the labs and cleanrooms by using GoPros. This makes it an ideal way to follow a course from your own workplace, at home or at work.

For more information about our open courses, customized courses or our distance learning portfolio, please contact our Business Development team:

Wouter Harink, wharink@biotechtrainingfacility.nl, +316 39865191

Judith vd Zwan, jvanderzwan@biotechtrainingfacility.nl, +316 41800756