Team building activities

September 30, 2022

Come to Biotech Training Facility for a fun and instructive team building event to refresh your GMP knowledge while getting to know your colleagues better and increase cohesion and cooperation in your team.

We offer various team building games with (optional) catering in the facility:

  • GMP-related workshops
  • Escape Room in the cleanrooms (the CleanEscaperoom)
  • Pharma Mystery game
  • 60 Seconds game

(any combination of activities is also possible).

About the Pharma Mystery game

Oh no! There is a DEVIATION discovered in production! This may cost a lot of money, precious time, somebody’s job and even worse patients’ health!

You have to find the ROOT CAUSE, in order to correct this and prevent it from ever happening again.

A small fictive pharma company is the setting for this fun and interactive assignment. Team members will have to: 1 - adopt an investigative mind, 2 – work closely as a team and 3 – show persistence to find the root cause within the time limit.

Similar to the murder mystery game “Cluedo” or “Clue” each team needs to find out what happened, in which area it happened and who did it.

The dry theory of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) terminology such as deviations, root cause analysis and 5 times why-method, comes to live during this game.

It is adding the element of FUN and adopting the correct MINDSET that will translate your training at Biotech Training Facility into a lasting learning experience.

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