Visit Biotech Training Facility during Dutch Life Sciences conference

October 11, 2016

During Dutch Life Sciences conference, you will have the opportunity to visit Biotech Training Facility. Take a look at our facilities, speed date with our experts and join the interactive program.

See the facilities 
Join the tour and take a look at our clean rooms, technical area and laboratories. Test your GMP knowledge along the way. 

Speed date with our experts 
Ronald Kompier and Jolanda Muurman are available to answer questions on new product development (Ronald) and GMP and quality (Jolanda). Send an email to to schedule a slot. 

GMP adventure 
Enter the contest and test your practical skills. Do you pass the test?

  • Experience the challenge that operators face each day. Put on your cleanroom garment in a GMP responsible way.
  • Test your pipetting skills. Are you precise and accurate?
  • Get connected and weld the tubes.
  • Answer the Million Dollar Question.
  • Train your senses in the GMP black box.

Find more information and register via the Dutch Life Sciences website.