Training Strategy

Every training is unique, but there are 3 fundamental aspects that form a recurring theme throughout our programs: insight, performance and behavior. Read more about the strategy that is at the core of all of our training courses, and why this is so important.

Biotech Training Facility provides hands-on training in the field of pharmaceutical production and quality using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Every training is unique, but 3 aspects constitute a recurring theme:

  • Insight
  • Performance
  • Behavior

These 3 aspects together are an essential ingredient for success.


It is important that tasks are performed correctly. To achieve this, it is equally important to realize why a task is executed in a particular way. For that reason every training given by Biotech Training Facility clearly explains why certain actions must be carried out in a specific way. Not only does this enhance the practical experience, but also provides the necessary expertise to be able to place tasks within the correct GMP framework. 


If procedures are not followed correctly, even the most watertight quality system will fail, as often can be witnessed in FDA warning letters. The strength of a quality system depends on whether or not its procedures are followed to the letter. Unfortunately, this basic truth is often overlooked and underestimated. Biotech Training Facility training courses give participants awareness of the importance of following procedures. 


In reality, there are many situations that cannot be fully covered by procedures. For example, unexpected events could occur that require an immediate response. Or it happens that someone simply does not understand the procedure. Every staff member must make it their responsibility to ask questions in doubtful or unclear situations and to report any deviation from the process. It is the aim of our Biotech Training Facility training to prepare you for such unforeseen eventualities. Participants are actively encouraged to review each other’s actions if these may affect the quality of a product and to mention any deviation from the procedures. The ultimate goal is to diminish the risk of mistakes significantly or even prevent errors. 

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