Aseptic Techniques in a Downflow Cabinet

During this course, participants will perform aseptic techniques in a downflow cabinet. Techniques like cleaning, sampling and environmental monitoring will be part of the training.

1 day
Course fee
€ 695 (excl. VAT)

Short description

We will be working under GMP conditions in a downflow cabinet. As well as the hands-on exercises, a great deal of attention is paid to the reasons behind our actions.... What is the underlying logic?  What is the pattern of airflows?


  • Cell culture
  • Vials and ampoules
  • Assembling
  • Removing packing
  • Sampling
  • Cleaning
  • Environmental monitoring

Insight, behavior and performance are fundamental aspects that can make the difference in practice and therefore constitute a recurring theme throughout the program. 
For instance, what do you do when things do not work out as they should? Should you compromise or not? We can all learn from each other and that is why we actively encourage participants to share personal experiences and best practices. In short, 'Learning by doing' is at the core of this program.

A certificate will be awarded to all participants who complete the course.


  1. Being able to carry out aseptic processes 
  2. Understanding why aseptic processes should be performed in a certain way. 
  3. Understanding the impact of the environment on aseptic processing.

Target group

  1. Hospital personnel and other healthcare workers.
  2. Students, analysts, operators and other staff who, professionally, have to perform aseptic processes in a downflow cabinet. 
  3. QA/QC personnel, supervisors, who would like to gain a clear and practically applicable insight into aseptic processing in a downflow cabinet


Day 1


Reception with coffee and tea


Theory: Downflow cabinet and its function




Practice: Training of various types of techniques in a down flow cabinet.




Theory: Aseptic sampling in a downflow cabinet




Practice: Training of various types of aseptic activities in the downflow cabinet. Participants will have plenty of opportunity to express their individual preferences for the training of a specific activity.


Program conclusion

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