cleanESCAPEroom –the Remedy

Can you control your nerves under any clean conditions? Do you have profound confidence in your GMP knowledge? Are you skilled enough to enter a cleanroom without leaving a microbiological trace? Then you might be the right person for this challenge.

1 hour (excluding introduction and debriefing)
Course fee
€ on request / op aanvraag (excl. VAT)

Short description

The Game

A hostile government developed a remedy to a threatening pandemic and refuses to share their knowledge. It is up to you to bring this cure to the rest of the world. With the help of a janitor, you will sneak into the manufacturing facility, steal the medicine and make your way out before the security guard catches you. Sounds easy? Here are the conditions:

  • Be on your best cleanroom behavior to avoid contamination and leaving evidence of your visit
  • Use your GMP knowledge and skills to collect the necessary information
  • Get out within one hour or you will be caught by the security guard

Are you ready to save the world?

More  information

  • The cleanESCAPEroom is suitable for groups of 3 - 8 people. Contact us to discuss possibilities for larger groups.
  • Complexity level can be adjusted to match the experience of the participants
  • Excellent team building event, possibility to include lunch or drinks


The cleanESCAPEroom is designed to test GMP and cleanroom knowledge and skills in an interactive way. The cleanESCAPEroom is incorporated in GMP training courses in several ways, for example, as an exam to test course participants. It offers a unique possibility to combine the annual GMP training with an educational team building event. Read more about the possibilities here

Target group

  • Employees in quality assurance, quality control, operations, technical services and warehouse
  • Management in pharma and biotech
  • Professionals in other departments in pharma and biotech
  • Anyone interested to challenge their GMP skills




• Welcome with coffee and tea
• Safety instructions and introduction to the game
• CleanESCAPEroom
• Debriefing

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