Cleanroom behavior including official gowning qualification

VCCN and Biotech Training Facility developed the Cleanroom Behavior Course (CGC) including gowning qualification in order to make personnel working in a cleanroom aware of their influence on the air quality in a cleanroom.

1 day
No specific prior education required
Course fee
€ 750 (excl. VAT)

Short description

This behavior course is held at Biotech Training Facility, where participants have the opportunity to see a working GMP facility including state-of-the-art cleanrooms.

During this training participants are introduced to the strict requirements that apply on entering cleanrooms and they will learn why these requirements are absolutely necessary. The Cleanroom Behavior Course is a prerequisite for anyone who, incidentally or frequently, will have to be or work in a cleanroom.  It is also an important refresher course for (intensive) users of cleanrooms as the knowledge and skills gained during the course will be tested to ensure that all conditions for an optimal behavior in the cleanroom are met.

In addition, trainers from Biotech Training Facility will take care of the module gowning. The participants will learn about the procedures of efficient gowning and put this in practice in the cleanrooms. Finally the participants will be qualified on their correct gowning by performing microbiological tests on gowning and gloves. The results will be presented on the certificate from the Biotech Training Facility.

VCCN Certificate/CleanroomPas ®/Company register

At the end of the course, the participants will also take a written test. If they pass, the participants will receive a certificate and the CleanroomPas ® in the form of a badge. This personal CleanroomPas ® has a passport photo and an issue date.

Benefits of the CleanroomPas ® are:

the administrator of a cleanroom knows that the wearer has taken notice of the requirements and obligations as regards access to and presence in cleanrooms.
the issue date on the CleanroomPas ® allows the administrator of the cleanroom to make demands to the validity of the CleanroomPas ®.
the participant is entitled to follow a refresher course and follow-up courses of the VCCN.
the participating companies also receive a certificate of attendance. VCCN registers these companies in the CGC register ®. The CGC register ® can be found on the VCCN website and in VCCN Magazine.

Target group

The Cleanroom Behavior Course (CGC) is aimed at candidates who:

have come into contact with the field of cleanrooms for the first time;
have to enter a cleanroom to do their work and want to show by means of a VCCN badge (CleanroomPas ®) that they have successfully completed a relevant course.
wish to increase their knowledge on surface contamination.
wish to deepen their specific cleanroom knowledge by attending the various specialized follow-up courses of the VCCN.


1 day


Product Quality Risks




Human as a source of contamination


Cleaning Aspects


Gowning procedures


Official gowning, entering clean room and perform test

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