Cleanroom Behaviour Course

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, personnel often work in cleanrooms to protect products as much as possible from contamination. Cleaning, disinfection and the behaviour of people play an important role in preventing contamination.

1 day
Course fee
€ 895 (excl. VAT)

Short description

Cleaning and disinfection play an important role in preventing contamination, but the behaviour of the people working in a cleanroom is actually the biggest challenge here. 

This interactive course is designed to make people working or about to work in a cleanroom aware of the impact of their behaviour in a cleanroom. You are introduced to the strict requirements that are set for entering cleanrooms and you become aware of why such strict requirements are necessary. Together, we will identify and discuss behavioral patterns during a workshop.

Handling and putting on cleanroom clothing (gowning) will also be part of the training. We will then put what we have learned into practice in our state-of-the-art training cleanroom.

Finally, you can use the gained knowledge and skills to attempt an escape from our fun and educational CleanEscapeRoom!!!


Upon completion of the training, the participant is fully aware of the impact of the behaviour of staff working in cleanrooms, and how this behaviour may affect the quality of the product.

Target group

The Cleanroom Behaviour Course is intended for people:

  • who come into contact with working in a cleanroom for the first time
  • who need to work in a cleanroom to perform their work duties
  • who want to refresh their knowledge on working in a cleanroom


Day 1


Welcome & Introduction


Microbiology and Disinfection


Behaviour in the cleanroom


Environmental Monitoring


Gowning and Cleanroom Behaviour




Close out & Evaluation

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