HVAC/ Cleanrooms: ins and outs

An air handling system plays an important role in every organization that uses cleanrooms. This practical course is given in a technical area and in cleanrooms and deals with all the important aspects of a HVAC system.

1 day
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Short description

Why is this HVAC training course important?

A significant part of the work in the pharmaceutical industry, medical device industry and compounding pharmacies is carried out in cleanrooms. Management of cleanrooms (maintenance, (re)qualification) is often outsourced to specialized maintenance companies. Nevertheless, it is equally important that staff within the pharmaceutical companies themselves have sufficient knowledge of the operation of Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC) systems in cleanrooms, in order to be able to efficiently and correctly perform the following activities:

  • facilitate maintenance and (re)qualification
  • assess the qualification process and maintenance documentation
  • gain more insight into working in the cleanrooms
  • carry out audits
  • assess deviations and changes

An important part of this course takes place in the practical areas of the Biotech Training Facility. The HVAC system, located in the technical area, is easily accessible and is frequently used during the course. The flow of air currents in the cleanrooms is made visible by using smoke tests. These tests clearly illustrate, among other things, the influence of movement on the air currents.

The latest version of the ISO standard NEN-ISO 14644 was published in January 2016. This ISO standard specifies the classification of air cleanliness in terms of concentration of airborne particles in cleanrooms and clear zones. We will amply discuss the consequences of this standard with regard to new and existing cleanrooms.


What can you expect from this HVAC system training course?

This one day introduction course will give the participants knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of:

  • the operation of HVAC systems in cleanrooms of the pharmaceutical industry
  • the legal requirements and pharmaceutical guidelines for HVAC systems and cleanrooms
  • the aspects that may influence the functioning of the cleanrooms and HVAC systems.

Target group

Who should follow this HVAC course?

Technical, production and QA employees of pharmaceutical companies, compounding pharmacies and medical device manufacturers who need to understand the basic principles of HVAC systems.


Day 1


Welcome and introduction



How does a HVAC system work?
What are the requirements for HVAC systems and cleanrooms?
How can you ensure the quality/classifications of cleanrooms?
What’s in the new ISO standard 14644/NEN ?
The importance of pressure cascades.
The qualification of cleanrooms.
How should maintenance and requalification be set up?
What aspects should be measured for maintenance and requalification?



The operation of HVAC systems.
What are the critical aspects/parameters of HVAC systems?
How do you measure flow profiles?
What effects may influence the flow profiles?



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