Improve your Data-driven Biotech and Life Science Presentations

Your presentations in Biotech and Pharma are frequently based on scientific data. Often you are so familiar with your data that it becomes difficult to clearly communicate it. So how do you present content that resonates with your audience?

1 day (26 June) and 0,5 return day (9 October 2019)
Course fee
€ 990 (excl. VAT)

Short description

A clear and convincing presentation of your data makes a huge difference to your project. You become more credible and make a lasting impression. It simply helps to speed up your career. It also ensures that decision makers better understand your goals; as a result, you get more support or grants, collaborate with the best partners, or your inventions reach the market sooner.

Effective presentation of scientific data is not easy. Do you present all your results, or do you make a selection? And how do you make that choice? How do you visualize your results to effectively communicate new insights to your audience? How can you design clear visuals without having to become a graphic designer?

Presenting a well-structured story helps to convince your audience and to make sure they remember your message better and longer. In the workshop, you will learn to use the power of storytelling to get your message across to your audience more effectively, even the ‘boring’ details of your results.

The workshop is highly interactive, so you are challenged to be open, take risks and take in relevant, constructive feedback. Of course, you can apply your new insights and knowledge the next day at work.

About the Trainers

Spreekmeesters  and Analytic Translations teamed up to teach scientists and engineers the skills to present their work more directly, clearly and effectively to colleagues, opinion leaders, policy makers, politicians, the media, and others within and outside of their own discipline. Combining key elements from the disciplines of  (theatre) performance (Marco Rochette), biotech business (Jos Joore) and data-storytelling (Frederike Schmitz), the trainers focus on practical solutions for life science communication.

Visit the websites for more information: Spreekmeesters and Analytic Translations


In the workshop you will learn:

  • Ins & outs of scientific presentations & communication.
  • Storytelling with scientific data.
  • Data visualisation basics and design principles.

Target group

Professionals (scientists, managers and employees) in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry working in an R & D, production or laboratory environment. Master/Bachelor+ work and thinking level.

Group size: 5-24 persons


The program includes the following components:


Storytelling with data

• What is Storytelling?
• How do you use storytelling to communicate data?


Data visualisation

• Guiding your audience attention.
• What is the narrative and main message of your data?
• Picking the right chart.
• Design basics (clarity, color, contrast, shape).
• Design thinking principles (sketching & drawing, understand-test-refine).


Presentation basics

• What questions do you ask yourself during your preparation?
• Which presentation structure do you choose?
• How do you make sure your presentation is all about your audience?


Verbal and nonverbal communication

• Keeping the attention with vocal variation.
• The do’s and don’ts of nonverbal communication.
• How do you make sure you get the best out of yourself?

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