Introduction to GMP

What does Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) mean exactly? And is it really as important as the industry claims it to be? Fact is that everyone who is working in the pharmaceutical industry will, at some point in time, come in contact with GMP.

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Short description

During this course you will get acquainted with GMP at a practical level and all your questions will be answered.

We introduce you to the world of GMP by leading you through various pharmaceutical production processes. Theory is alternated with practice. You experience personally what it's like to be in a sterile environment and you participate in GMP gowning procedures. Are these gowning procedures really necessary? Yes, they are! Human beings pose the greatest risk in the pharmaceutical world. The challenge with GMP is to limit this risk. To achieve this, expertise, behavior and performance play a crucial role. That's why these aspects are a recurring theme throughout the program. We also examine situations that are not executed according to GMP.  What are the consequences? In short, this course will let you experience GMP in a way you will never forget.


  1. Understanding the meaning of GMP and becoming familiar with commonly used terms. 
  2. Realizing the importance of GMP by experiencing the daily practice of pharmaceutical production processes.
  3. Experiencing what it's like to walk around in a GMP environment.

Target group

  • Candidates who want to learn the basics of GMP in an interactive manner. 
  • Candidates without any GMP experience who, professionally, are indirectly involved in GMP.


Day 1


Reception with coffee and tea


Theory: Introduction to GMP. What does GMP mean exactly and why is it important?




Theory: GMP in a pharmaceutical plant


Guided tour of the Biotech Training Facility. 

Included are visits to the laboratories and technical area




A look inside the factory.

We will see, among other things, how a sterile product is filled into vials using the automatic filling line. We will learn how GMP is used to protect the quality of the product.


Evaluation: Discuss key points learned


Program conclusion

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