Masterclass Improve your Professional Communication Skills in Biotech

The way we communicate is critical and determines our success in many situations. This masterclass aims at enhancing your professionalism and effectiveness in communication.

1 day (extension possible to a 3 day intensive course)
Course fee
€ 695, - (Introductory offer! Normally 795, -) (excl. VAT)

Short description

If you are working in research & development, not only the content of the research you are performing is important, but also how you communicate your results to others. Think of communication within your own organization such as communication with your colleagues, management and project teams. But also external communication with potential clients, other research institutes and funding organizations. Funding is often only granted if you are able to create connections and get the message across in the right way.

In all of these situations you need to be convincing, understandable and profound – all at the same time.

The key question is how to maximize your own impact while taking into account the interests of others. In other words, successfully increase the effectiveness of your communication.

Group size: up to 12 participants


Whether you want to have an increased impact on stakeholders, co-workers or managers; get your results even in difficult circumstances or; whether you are looking for new ways to motivate your team: the way you communicate is essential and the impact highly depends on the choices you make.

During the masterclass, you will target upon goals that are typical for the Biotech industry combined with your personal input:

  • Optimize your communication - How can I convince others to relate to my point of view?
  • Communication techniques – Develop and expand your communication skills using your personal strengths
  • Impact - What are my own strengths and pitfalls in communication. How can I deal with them and use them for my benefit?
  • Personal Style - Be aware of the impact of your preferred communication style: your words, tonality and body language

Target group

Professionals (scientists, managers and employees) in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry, working in an R & D, production or laboratory environment, operating on Master / Bachelor+ work and thinking level.



This masterclass is an effective and intensive training for highly skilled professionals. Our core qualities lie in high impact and personal attention. We motivate you to improve your communication skills by creating and using insights in your personal patterns, qualities and pitfalls.

Participation starts with a personalized intake to determine your own learning goals. Learning and developing in a small-scale group provides an interactive and educational process, supporting the realization of your goals in various ways. The relatively small group of participants guarantees individual attention, guidance and enhanced learning experiences.

During the day we will be focusing on the following elements:
• Influencing yourself
• Influencing others
• Establishing connections in your work environment
• Communication, Observation and Fulfillment Techniques
• Personal Communication Style Test

After the masterclass, you will be able to recognize and even deal with communication situations in which you would normally feel ineffective. By using techniques based on NLP you will have a better understanding of the communication processes, both within yourself and others. You will increase your palette of (proven) approaches and solutions in various situations and you will be more aware of the impact of various levels in communication. This will increase your effectiveness.

If you are interested in a more intensive course, you have the option to extend this course to a 3 day course. For more information, please send an email to

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