Masterclass Pipetting

Is pipetting an important part of your job and would you like to develop and enhance your pipetting skills? If so, this is the course for you.

1 day
Course fee
€ 645 (excl. VAT)

Short description

What can you expect from this practical Pipetting training course?

This course is accredited by the NVML (Dutch Society for BioMedical Laboratory professionals) and has received 11 UEC points.

What do course participants say:

"Very worthwhile, both for beginners and experienced laboratory staff."

"The course provides a good insight into why results can differ per employee."

"Very nice and interactive. Very much expertise, which was passed on really well."

This course addresses all issues that may affect the accurate and reproducible pipetting of different types of liquids, in the context of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. We take a close look at the operation of pipettes, pipette maintenance and verification of the correct volume delivered (calibration). Theory is combined with hands-on experience in a real-life environment. 

The course also pays attention to workplace ergonomics. What can you do to work comfortably and prevent injury?

The icing on the cake is your participation in the Dutch Open Championship Pipetting.  Are you the perfectionist who will win the Cup in 2022?

For organizations who need to comply with ISO15189, this course covers the following ISO15189 requirements:

  • Validation
  • Certification/qualification
  • Metrological traceability

This course is realized in cooperation with Gilson.


By the end of this course, candidates should be able to:

  1. Assess which factors affect pipetting activities.
  2. Determine which pipette type should be used for which purpose.
  3. Know how to work in an ergonomically responsible way
  4. Perform first line maintenance and decontamination of pipettes.
  5. Execute basic verification of medium volume pipettes.

Target group

Who should follow this Pipetting training?

All students, laboratory personnel and production assistants who use pipettes



Day 1


Welcome and introduction



Quality, pipette selection, maintenance, pipetting, calibration



Cleaning and maintenance of pipettes, calibration exercises, tests
Dutch Open Championship Pipetting



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