Process Control and Cultivation under GMP

Are you interested in cultivation and process control? In this course you will learn more about the setup and controls of the bioreactor, the cultivation process, and the GMP regulations for cultivation.

2 days
Course fee
€ 1495 (excl. VAT)

Short description

Cultivation in bioreactors is one of the main upstream processes in pharmaceutical production. It is important to have a clear understanding of the steps during the cultivation process, control loop determination with different sensors and actuators, sterilization and setting up a bioreactor.

Production of pharmaceuticals in microorganisms or mammalian cells requires a thorough preparation such as organism selection, growing conditions, characteristics of the active molecule etc. For the cultivation process, all the parameters should be set beforehand and are controlled during the process based on your production method.

This course offers the fundamentals of the cultivation process in a bioreactor. Trainees will gain insight into bioreactors and cultivation processes. They will also gain first-hand experience on the initiation of cultivation and process control, applicable in a GMP environment. 


· To gain deep knowledge about cultivation and bioreactors

· To experience the initiation of a cultivation and the process control

· To be familiar with the requirements and conditions of cultivation processes in the pharmaceutical industry

Target group

Everyone who has an interest in cultivation and wants to work with bioreactors.


Day 1


Biotech Training Facility, Leiden

• Introduction to cultivation and bioreactors

• Condition Controls in Bioreactors

• Bioreactor Setup (Practical)

• GMP regulations in USP

Day 2


Applikon Biotechnology, Delft

• Bioreactor design, scale up, SIP systems

• Control loops & PID - SIP systems

• Reading P&ID Process: assembly, sterilization, test run with data logging (Practical)

• Questions and answers


The first day of the Training will be held in Biotech Training Facility (Leiden) and the second day in Applikon Biotechnology B.V (Delft). The accommodation/transport can be facilitated if needed.

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