Solid Phase Extraction

This course provides insight into the application of solid phase extraction and the techniques involved. From sample preparation to purification - all basic concepts are covered.

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Short description

Solid phase extraction is a fast and diverse sample pre-processing method that is used for a wide range of applications. This course covers the different steps of the method: conditioning, loading, washing and eluting. For each step, the challenges are addressed, for example, how to ensure an optimal, effective interaction between the sample and the media.

Attention is given to the type of samples used. Serum and plasma, for example, bring quite different challenges than urine.

This course also focuses on the optimization of the methods. How can yield and reproducibility be optimized? When is manual execution the best choice and at what point should you take the step to automatic execution? What are the pros and cons?

Participants are encouraged to share any questions they may have with the trainers beforehand, so that this can be addressed during the course.


  • Gain insight into the different steps of solid phase extraction and know what needs to be taken into account during these steps.
  • Understand how methods can be optimized to ensure good yield and reproducibility based on positive pressure SPE.

Target group

  • Anyone who carries out solid phase extractions and wants to further develop their knowledge in this respect
  • Anyone who will start working  with solid phase extractions and wants to know how this can best be handled.
  • Anyone who wants to automate his/her SPE protocols.


Day 1


Welcome and introduction


Solid phase extraction - the basics. What does it mean and what can you do with it?


What are the different steps in a solid phase extraction and what is important in which step?


How can you optimize a solid phase extraction method to achieve good yield and reproducibility?


Hands-on SPE automated system

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