Viruses - Characteristics and Prevention

This course helps you understand what viruses are, how they evolve, how they act and the general ways in which viruses spread. Although various virus types are discussed, there is special attention to air born human viruses.

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Short description

This course explains what viruses are and gives an overview of the different types of viruses. You will learn about the ways new viruses emerge. There is special attention to how viruses spread and what can be done to reduce risks of being infected. Practical demonstrations will show the effects of different precautions. In addition, you will learn about the factors that influence the development of new vaccines.

Optional: this course is available in distance learning format for organizations. Contact our business development department to discuss the possibilities.


 - Understand what viruses are and how they spread
 - Raise awareness of behavioral risks
 - Understand how precautions work
 - Get a basic understanding of vaccine development

Target group

Professionals who come into contact with many people. Professionals who travel frequently. Anyone who wants to know more about viruses. 


Day 1


Viruses in general

What viruses are. Different types of viruses. How viruses replicate.


New viruses

Emergence of new viruses. Zoonosis: from animals to men.


Viruses spread

How viruses generally spread. Factors influencing how contagious a virus is. Behavioral risks.


Prevention and precautions

Inactivation of viruses. Reducing the risk of spreading. Effectiveness of masks and washing hands.


Vaccine development

General development process. Timelines. Effectiveness.

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