Workshop Addressing each other with Respect - Feedback without Resistance in Biotech

Giving feedback without provoking any resistance - how do you do it and how do you get it? We know that we can learn a lot from how others perceive us and experience working with us. In work or private situations, reflection can be very instructive.

1 evening (17:00 – 21:30, including dinner buffet)
Course fee
€ 345, - (Introductory offer! Normally 395, -) (excl. VAT)

Short description

There is no failure, only feedback - Tad James

We start off with gaining insight into the impact of communication and communication techniques. Then we proceed with actual situations, derived from your own practice to enhance your learning opportunities. Experienced trainers provide structured analysis and guidance, while maintaining a safe environment.

If needed, specific learning situations can be staged (in consultation with the client) under the guidance of an actor to approach the reality as best as possible - maximizing the learning effect.

Group size: up to 12 participants


Perhaps you feel vulnerable when someone is expressing his of hers opinion about you. Or maybe you would like to hear it, but there is never someone around who is willing to give you honest feedback. Or perhaps you find it difficult to address how others affect you.

How is that possible? And more importantly, how to change this? What are the techniques to respond respectfully, but also how to receive feedback properly?

The aim of this workshop is to get answers to these questions

Target group

Professionals (scientists, managers and employees) in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry, working in an R & D, production or laboratory environment, operating on Master / Bachelor+ work and thinking level.



The workshop program contains the following components:

• Cope with resistance in communication
• Conversation models around giving and receiving feedback
• Practice with these conversations
• How to avoid known pitfalls

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