About Biotech Training Facility

Biotech Training Facility is a training facility center where pharmaceutical training is given in an actual, real-life production environment. The facility can also be used as a pilot plant for testing equipment and processes. Biotech Training Facility is completely equipped with cleanrooms, laboratories and a technical area with of state-of-the-art, easily accessible utilities.

A short summary

  1. Learning by doing
  2. Real-life pharmaceutical environment (GMP like)
  3. For testing, training and experiencing
  4. Standard and customized training courses
  5. Professional trainers with practical experience
  6. Relevant for quality assurance (QA), qualified persons (QPs), hospitals, technical staff and management
  7. Quality is made on the shop floor
  8. Easily accessible by car, public transport and close to Amsterdam airport (Schiphol).

About us

Experience for yourself the GMP processes and gain insight into the factors that  influence the quality of the production process. The courses are aimed at professionals of all sectors, including operators, scientists, technical staff, quality assurance officers (QA) and qualified persons (QP). Biotech Training Facility offers a broad range of standard training courses as well as customized training courses that are tailor made to fit the special needs and requirements of our clients.

  • Ronald Kompier

    Managing Director

    With over 25 years of experience in the Life Science industry, Ronald is bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise on board. He determines the way forward and facilitates the BTF team in following that path.

  • Judith van der Zwan

    Sr. Business Development Director & Trainer

    Establishing and maintaining relationships is Judith's domain. Her customer-friendly and open attitude means that customers quickly feel at ease. With her many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she is the ideal person to talk to.

  • Cynthia de Leeuw

    Sr. Commercial Director

    Cynthia enjoys the challenge of working with clients to find the best solution. Using her varied background from management consultancy to commercial roles in the pharmaceutical industry, her ultimate goal is an enthusiastic satisfied client who likes to come back.

  • Nancy de Jong

    Training Specialist

    Nancy has many years of relevant practical experience within an aseptic GMP production environment and on a QC lab. This makes her the perfect trainer on many topics within these areas. With her expertise she brings the training to the next level.

  • Meryem Stroosma

    Training Specialist

    Meryem has many years of experience as an operator in Upstream and Downstream processing (vaccines and proteins), which makes her the perfect trainer for practice and theory sessions in these areas. She will enthusiastically answer all questions about fermentation, chromatography and UF/DF.

  • Kyanie Behchet

    Training Specialist

    Kyanie’s molecular biology background and experience in training are very useful in setting up and executing (new) on-site training courses. With enthusiasm she also creates and expands our e-learning portfolio.

  • Barbara Voermans

    Training and Commercial Coördinator

    Barbara is the central point of contact for planning of the open and customized courses. With her pragmatic and structured approach, she makes sure that each course runs smoothly.

  • Yvonne Doogan

    Office Manager

    HR, website management, marketing, administrator, editor, translator, coordinator...  Yvonne provides administrative support across the whole organization.

  • Herma van Klaveren

    Front Office Host

    Herma welcomes and looks after our visitors, answers queries and incoming calls, and arranges appointments and course enrollments.

  • Eric den Hoed

    Facility Manager

    With his excellent communication skills he fulfills this role being responsible for the maintenance of the facility and it's equipment, security & safety (BHV), cleaning, ICT and waste and energy management.

  • Marjon Eppink

    Training Specialist

    With a focus on quality management, Marjon uses her long experience from forensic, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories in the Netherlands and Germany, for training in the BTF's real-life production environment. "Quality is Fun" and Marjon enthusiastically imparts this view in her trainings.

  • Nilbeste Boncukçu

    Training Specialist

    With over ten years of experience in areas such as stem cells, gene therapy, polymeric nanoparticles, hydrogels, and drug delivery systems, Nilbeste is excited to share her knowledge.