Customized Training

Biotech Training Facility offers customized training courses developed in collaboration with our clients. The training topics are as diverse as our facility. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Biotech Training Facility offers the possibility to customize training courses to fit the specific needs of our clients. By doing so we can tailor to any scenario particular to your companies and organizations. Typical subjects could range from upstream and downstream processing to the automatic filling of a sterile product. Read more about the possibilities.

What are the advantages of a customized training?

  • Complete freedom to develop a training course according to your own requirements
  • Training of company-specific processes
  • Option to use your own documentation and to assess it in real-life situations  
  • Use BTF equipment or use the possibility to train at Biotech Training Facility with your own equipment
  • Unique opportunity to combine training and team building
  • Flexibility to choose qualified Biotech Training Facility trainers or bring along your own trainers

Customized Training

The Biotech Training Facility offers customized training, developed in collaboration with the client. The various training subjects are as diverse as our facility. The use of our qualified zones (D, C and A/B), our laboratories and technical areas are available for all your practical pharmaceutical objectives.

Think about:

  • Practical, applied GMP courses
  • Biopharmaceutical production: media preparation, buffer preparation, upstream and downstream processing
  • Cleanroom technology: formulation, automatic and manual aseptic filling
  • Microbiology: pharmaceutical microbiology, quality control
  • Validation of technical facilities: Water For Injection (WFI), clean steam, clean air etc.

How do we design a customized training?

The first step is an introductory orientation meeting to discuss your specific needs and to identify your training objectives. We also establish how these objectives can be fulfilled.

The next step is for Biotech Training Facility to make a training proposal. Once agreement of the training parameters and content has been reached and approved, Biotech Training Facility issues a noncommittal offer. If desired, Biotech Training Facility adheres to all and any nondisclosure agreements in order to protect private and sensitive business information.

Finally, a detailed training program is developed and established in close association with our client and together we ensure that all the necessary information, documents and material are made available.

After the course has taken place, a training evaluation will provide insight into the training's effectiveness.

Interested in the possibilities?

Please contact Rebekah Bikker for more information:
+31 (0)6 39 86 51 92

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