Free webinar: Cleaning & Disinfection in contamination control strategies

Do you want to know how cleaning and disinfection aligns with a contamination control strategy? And do you want to learn the tips and tricks on cleaning of a cleanroom, equpiment and workbenches via a live demonstration?

2 hrs
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Then sign up for this free webinar given by Ecolab and Biotech Training Facility.


During this webinar:

  • Contamination control strategy and Annex 1
  • What is a contamination control strategy
  • Where fits cleaning and disinfection
  • Difference between cleaning and disinfection
  • Live demonstration of: 

Transportation of materials into the cleanroom

Cleaning of benches, equipment  and cleanroom

Target group

Everyone interested to learn more on contamination control strategy and cleaning of cleanrooms.



Helen Gates, Global Technical Consultant

  • Degree in Microbiology
  • 15+ years in the pharmaceutical industry Extensive experience in Quality Systems, Regulatory
  • Compliance, Validation and Quality Control
  • IRCA-accredited GMP provisional auditor

Biotech Training Facility

Ingrid van Klooster, Training & QA specialist

  • University of Applied Science with a degree in Medical Microbiology
  • 20 years of experience in Quality Assurance within the pharmaceutical industry
  • Extensive experience in Compliance, Quality Systems and Auditing

Nancy de Jong, Senior Trainer

  • 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical Industry (operation USP/DSP/Filling, aseptic handling, mycoplasma.virology lab)
  • Extensive experience in aseptic handling, gowning, cell culture and clenaroom behavior
  • Laboratory School


2 hr webinar


Short introduction Ecolab and BTF


Ecolab: Contamination Control Strategy

Refresher origin contamination control strategy
What is a contamination contol strategy
Where do cleaning and disinfection fit
Steps for developing the CCS document


Short break


BTF: Cleaning & Disinfection an refresher

Cleaning vs desinfection
Choice of cleaning agent


BTF: Preparation before cleaning

Gowning for different areas, preparing cleaning materials (incl. live demonstration)


BTF: Bring materials in the cleantroom

Use of different agents
Live demonstration cleaning techniques


BTF: Cleanroom cleaning

Live demonstration workbenches and equipment cleaning
Live demonstration floor cleaning

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