Free webinar: Digital Learning in Bioprocessing: what’s next?

The biotech industry continues to evolve. The rise of single-use facilities, process intensification, integrated unit operations, is improving facility efficiency and flexibility while simultaneously reducing footprint and processing times

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As such, optimal facility lay out and process flow, with selection of the appropriate equipment, together with proper operators training, become of upmost importance. The switch to digital tools, that was already engaged, was dramatically accelerated with the pandemic situation. Digital Learning, a new way of learning which is different from attending traditional lessons in a classroom is on the rise.

Join this webinar to learn how Biotech Training Facility, OUAT and Pall Corporation combine their expertise to demonstrate the solutions they offer for your digital learning.

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  • Semih Ekimler, Biotech Training Facility

Long years of experience in academia has made Semih a great trainer in Biotech Training Facility. He has an innovative approach in training design both inside and outside of the classroom. He follows the trends in content, in audience, and in technology to develop a more fulfilling training. Currently he is the team leader of Biotech Training Facility’s Distant Learning Strategy team. He is involved in digitalization of the content, designing online courses, and developing Virtual Reality modules. 

  • Nicolas Vertommen, OUAT

Entrepreneur at heart combined and team player, Nicolas co-founded OUAT! after holding product marketing management positions in startup and multinational biotech companies. Focused on reinventing the status quo, he has always drawn inspiration from the best brands, and adapted the approach to simplify the everyday lives of people in the biopharmaceutical industry.

  • Nicole Fontourcy, Pall Biotech

Nicole Fontourcy is part of the Marketing Training Content team. This structure is developping virtual digital solutions for customers as well as internal and external training modules. She has developped 5 years ago the Pall virtual digital Platform with OUAT ! company and she is now managing this platform to help customers in their journey. She has more than 20 years of experiences in Pall Biotech with different roles such as field Marketing and Training Content creation and virtual digital platform development. She holds a Master of Sciences from ENSAIA, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires. She is certified to Train the Trainers. 




Biotech Training Facility: Shifting to Digital Learning in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training

Biotech Training Facility is a unique place for hands-on training in GMP and we have trained hundreds of people on our site. The COVID pandemic has created a paradigm shift in the training world. In this short presentation, we would like to share how Biotech Training Facility has adjusted to this change, what the challenges and solutions were, and what we aim to build for the future. As Biotech Training Facility, we have dynamic online solutions that we can customize based on the needs of our clients. We also provide Virtual Reality modules for people who would like to have the feeling of how it is to work under GMP. In the near future, we are aiming to build a community of experts that can share their knowledge in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field


OUAT: How digital twins and virtual reality facilitated the global deployment of the covid-19 vaccine process

Just as flight simulators are part of the pilot's learning curve, allowing him to master the right piloting gestures, the 3D digital twin associated with virtual and mixed reality technologies, appears to be an efficient solution to allow biomanufacturing actors to master good manufacturing practices.


Pall: How Pall Digital Training Platforms can Enhance Operator Efficiency

Pall Biotech will demonstrate how digital technologies enhance operator training workflow. Ability to use Virtual/Mixed Reality technologies for training purposes will speed up learning processes, comfort knowledge retention and allow easy refresh training avoiding any gowning process. These technologies implemented by Pall have proven themselves during the pandemic and will change the way training is currently done.


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