Safety in Chemical Analytical Laboratories

Do you think you could improve upon the safety in your lab? During this course you will become acquainted with all aspects, regulations and other areas of concern relating to lab safety.

1 day
Course fee
€ 550 (excl. VAT)

Short description

This course will help you to increase and maintain safety whilst carrying out your daily routine tasks in the laboratory. The training will be given by our guest expert ir. Iris van ’t Leven of Iris-Advies in Arnhem.

You will be given lectures concerning the most important safety risks present in laboratories today. You will be able to assess these risks in greater detail using practical exercises with a particular emphasis on chemical substances. The following practical exercises, amongst other things, will be discussed In "Safety in Chemical Analytical Laboratories" :

  • Prioritization of the risks
  • Applying a source-orientated approach
  • Interpretation of safety information

This course is realized in partnership with Avans+.


  • To make assessments about the various safety aspects of all your work activities.
  • Evaluate these safety aspects against internal and external regulations. To be able to draft measures to manage these risks.
  • Know what external help is available if you are not able to take action yourself.
  • To be able to work properly and safely in your own laboratory!

Target group

The course "Safety in Chemical Analytical Laboratories" is of interest to the following lab staff: (chief) analysts, lab assistants and the heads of analytical or chemical laboratories. This safety training is also suitable if you work in an environmental or ecological laboratory, in the nutrition or tobacco products industries or in the chemical or clinical chemistry industries.


Day 1


During the course "Safety in Chemical Analytical Laboratories" you will become acquainted with the following topics:
+ risk assessment and risk management
+ properties of and safe handling of chemicals, gas cylinders and cryogenic substances
+ safe operation of instruments
+ storage areas, waste collection and disposal
+ personal protective equipment (PPE)
+ material safety data sheets
+ lab glassware
+ fume cupboards, fume hoods and extraction systems
+ how to react in a calamity

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